Thursday, 17th December 2020, 10:30am - 12:30pm
For Artists & Creatives!


Eramboo would like to invite everyone to the exciting re-launch of our Create-Art-Exchange meetings, now available for participation from the comfort of home! We will be returning to our popular Create-Art-Exchange program with a new series of CAX via Zoom. Leaning into the digital world has been a necessary adjustment, while we plan to assume our in-person events at Eramboo in phases.

Our NEXT meeting will be Thursday 17th December from 10:30am onwards. Please reply to to have your name added to the invitee list. There is no participation fee, everyone is welcome. The format will be similar to our face to face meetings, where we exchange feedback and resources in order to support each other’s creative journey.

We will continue to exchange creative information, get constructive feedback for your work in development from other artists and makers, share knowledge and opportunities with peers.

You may share work in progress or give supportive feedback on creative projects for fellow creatives. Surrounding yourself with other artists doing their thing can be the push you need to continue to move forward with your work - Even in an online format!  This new online initiative has been proudly sponsored by Northern Beaches Council.

This will be out last meeting of the year - we'll be back in 2021!



Just like our previous Create-Art-Exchange meetings, you’ll be participating with other local creatives in friendly, constructive conversation along with our regular facilitators. A “online video meeting” is a meeting in real time, run by Eramboo staff (either at the studios or at home) and broadcast via a third party platform (in this case, we are using Zoom) where we all access the same meeting via a link. All you need is a laptop, computer or mobile device.  



Zoom is available as a downloadable desktop application or as an app for your mobile devices, both Android and Apple. It’s free to access and download however you will need to set up an account and provide your email address and name. With Zoom we can broadcast Create-Art-Exchange as a meeting. It’s similar to Skype or Facetime but for a larger number of participants.

When you first join a meeting  you’ll be able to unmute your audio and say hello to all of the participants. You can download Zoom here for your desktop computer or laptop or simply search for it on your mobile device’s APP store.

To learn more about using Zoom and to familiarise yourself with this platform, you can read this article: How do I join a meeting on knowledge base. As you everyone has different devices we’re unable to troubleshoot for you but we find this resource really helpful.