Eramboo's Gallery Space

Eramboo's Gallery Space is a fully equipped professional art gallery available for hire and is open to individual artists and groups at all stages of their career, curators, makers, designers and performers.

Exhibiting at Eramboo Gallery is ideal for artists and groups wanting to develop a body of work, further their creative career, display and photograph their work in a professional setting for future submissions, or for online photographic documentation. 

Eramboo Gallery is a 5.5m x 12m space.

Further details such as wall dimensions and hanging space dimensions are available.



$250 per 10 day exhibtion period 

Installation T/F, two weekends, deinstall M/T

Includes: Gallery lighting, use of plinths, hanging track and hanging wires, Promotion via Eramboo website listing, social media posts and e-newsletter, power, access to kitchen, glassware, trestles and more!


We are open to experimental creative events. If you have an idea, run it by us and we will see if we can make it happen!

Further questions please contact

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