Eramboo's Gallery Space


Eramboo's Gallery Space is a fully equipped professional art gallery available for hire and is open to individual artists and groups at all stages of their career, curators, makers, designers and performers.


Exhibiting at Eramboo Gallery is available for members of our 'Friends of Eramboo' program and is ideal for artists and groups wanting to develop a body of work, further their creative career, display and photograph their work in a professional setting for future submissions, or for online photographic documentation. 

Eramboo Gallery is a 5.5m x 12m space. Wall height 2.7m.


Fees: $350 per 10 day exhibition period 

Refundable Rental bond: $100


*Please note: Artist's rental bond will be refunded in full once de-installation of the exhibition is completed and all keys, hanging wires, curation supplies are returned in the condition they were provided.  A walk through of the hire space with a nominated member of the staff is required before rental bond will be refunded to the hiring artist(s). 

*An additional $100 cleaning fee for all public exhibitions and events hire will be billed to the hirer for professional cleaning staff in line with Covid-19 safety restrictions.


Installation Th/F, two weekends, de-install M/T


Flat hire fee, no sales commission taken by Eramboo.


Gallery lighting, use of plynths, hanging track and hanging wires, Promotion via Eramboo website listing, social media posts and e-newsletter, power, access to kitchen, glassware, trestles and more!



Supervise, open, close the gallery during opening hours. Produce written content about their exhibition and promotional images of their work for Eramboo website, e-newsletter, social media posts. Design and print any flyers and invitations, manages own social media, and assists with promotion. Produce and print own roomsheets, and any wall statements. Install and de-install their own work. Looks after own artwork sales and collection of work. Organises opening event, catering, clean up and any public programs.

Workshops can be run by artists in teaching space flat hire charge $50 half day or $100 full day, artist sets up Eventbrite and manages bookings, set up, pack up.

We are open to experimental creative events. If you have an idea, run it by us and we will see if we can make it happen!


Booking Gallery Space:

Complete the online form below. Email confirmation of agreed dates, subject to availability. Exhibitor is provided with an invoice in advance and bookings are confirmed with payment.



E-Invite, Exhibition Statement and Images:

Eramboo agrees to assist artist/s to promote their exhibitions and associated public programs on the Eramboo website and social media accounts and share e-invite in a digital mailout if all required information is supplied ahead of time (minimum 3-4 weeks) as listed below:


Title, Dates of exhibition, Opening hours, Artist name/s


Exhibition Statement: This is for promotional purposes and should include a general exhibition overview, what the exhibition aims to highlight or showcase, type of work on exhibition, information about the artist/s etc. Please prepare a short version (2-3 sentences) and a longer version (around 100-200 words)


Images: Provide minimum of 2-3 images for promotional purposes (artwork images, details, artist images or working images that represent the exhibition)


Design and forward e-invite. Include opening times, dates days open, address of Eramboo, public program information, special guests.



  • Gallery track lighting
  • Gallery hanging tracking system
  • Basic kitchen & bar facilities
  • Power outlets
  • Plynths (various shapes and sizes)



Please read our Artist Run Gallery Hire Terms and Conditions:



Artist Run Gallery Hire Terms & Conditions


For further information please contact


Exhibition Application Form

Please fill out below form, please make sure you provide all information requested before submitting your application.

Please write a brief summary outlining the exhibition. Please include information on the art form, idea/concept, the scale of the work(s) and the number of works you think to include your exhibition. (Max 500 words)

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